Artist's Statement

I create art because expressing myself artistically is as essential to my soul as breathing is to my body. In fact, when I don't paint, eventually I feel as though I can't breathe!

When people view my art, my goal is for them to see things differently -- to be surprised, awed, inspired, or even amused. I want them to stop and open their eyes and hearts to a unique vision I hope they will carry home with them.

I am more interested in capturing the spirit of my subjects than defining them realistically. Beginning with watercolor, but not stopping there, I use any techniques and materials which will help me express the unique qualities of my subject matter. I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I love creating it.

Bobbi Q. Brown
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Bobbi Q. Brown, watercolor artist, not to be confused with Bobbi Brown, cosmetic artist (
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Displays & Shows

For information, please call 536-7773 or
email me at

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Bobbi Q. Brown's art can be viewed at the Art Gallery of Viera, The Avenue, Viera, FL. Bobbi teaches classes and workshops in watercolor, mixed media and alcohol ink. Please contact her at
Bobbi teaches classes and workshops in watercolor, alcohol ink and mixed media.
Please contact her at or call or text her at 321-536-7773.
Bobbi is also available for workshops. Please contact her for availability.
Please contact Bobbi Brown at email  or (321) 536-7773 for more information.